Risk Advisory

What is Business Risk Advisory?

The issues that an organization may face during its set up, initial/current phase or in the future in terms of financial, operational, reputational, security & fraud exposure are known as the risks of business.
To predict, resolve and eliminate such risks, it is important to create a practical business strategy that is effective in building the bridge between reality and vision, caution and opportunity.
A business risk advisory focuses on building and implementing strategies that stands up to the toil of daily business, increased competitiveness, cyber-attacks and sabotage.

Our Risk Advisory services include:

SOX Compliance and J-SOX Audit

Accounting Reconciliations

Fixed Asset Tagging and Verification

Design & Evaluation- IFC / ICFR

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Business Cost Optimization

Transaction Testing Services

Supply Chain Management Services

Information Technology Advisory

Organizational Restructuring

Forensic & Dispute Resolution

Corporate Governance Advisory & Entity Level Controls Documentation

SOP Implementation

Risk Management Support

Scrap Validation Services